Buckle & Seam Express

Buckle & Seam Express


As we all know, Christmas is always a busy time for shipping companies, but in 2020 everything was a bit different and shipping companies could no longer guarantee that packages would arrive in time for Christmas. That's why we thought of something to make sure the gifts make it 100% under the Christmas tree:

On Monday, 12/21, we started our Buckle & Seam Express. Our team from Berlin drove to more than 280 cities in Germany until 24.12. to deliver the packages personally. A big thank you to the whole team and the 20 family members, Seedmatch investors and friends who agreed to support us with their own cars.


Despite 2 engine failures, 1 wildlife accident, 1 ditch accident and 1 clutch failure, we managed the following:

  • over 450 packages delivered
  • over 15,000 kilometers driven
  • 91% successfully delivered packages


During delivery we encountered a few problems that we didn't expected before:

  • Instead of the previously assumed 300 packages, there were 400+ packages
  • Within 24 hours we had to “train” 20 Family & Friends to become Buckle & Seam Express drivers


Our thanks go not only to our employees in our shipping warehouse, who actively support us all year round, but also to Miles Mobility , who provided us with vans, and to 20 friends and family members who help us ensure that your gift is under the Christmas tree tomorrow.

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