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The Travel Bag Collection

Are you looking for the perfect travel bag to be your adventure companion without compromising on style and design? Then you are at the right place! The Buckle & Seam travel bags collection is made with full grain hand selected cow leather and designed to keep your trip hassle free and your curiosities fulfilled. The selection of creative interior lining prints gives freedom to mold your bag uniquely to your personality.

The travel bag collection consists of two bag designs: leather weekender Linwood and duffle bag Willow. Do you always need a little extra space while packing (leather weekender Linwood), or do you prefer a bag that allows you to pack easily (duffle bag Willow)? Either way we’ve got an option for you.

The Weekender

Linwood, our leather weekender bag is sleek and stylish. The body of the Linwood is made from two large panels of leather, reducing the amount of seams needed, and giving it a minimalistic and classic feel. Although we call it a leather weekender bag, the Linwood can comfortably fit your belongings for a short trip. The expandable sides allow you to create more space inside your bag— for all the vacation souvenirs.

Willow is our leather duffel bag, perfect for a man on the go. The leather detailing on each side of the bag, gives it a classic and sporty feel.

The Duffle Bag

Duffle bag Willow is comfortable on the go, whether you grab it by the leather handles, or wear it cross body with the attachable strap. Its spacious body along with the wide opening feature on each end of the zipper makes for easy and hassle free packing. The duffle bag is carry on size compatible, making it a great choice for a weekend getaway.

Still not sure which travel bag: leather weekender or duffle bag is the better choice? Learn more about our travel bags here.