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Give or Save

For our Bag Friday Week we came up with something special: Give or Save! We wanted to give you the chance to do something good with the savings you made on the purchase. You have the possibility to donate the saved amount directly to our school project in Pakistan. By doing this you enable a child to go to school for several weeks. Learn more about how this works down below.

Donate or save: how does it work?

Decide whether you want to do something good with the product of your choice or save.

We show you the discounted price on our website. The offer varies between 10% and 60% or you can actually choose to donate that amount to our social cause. As part of our fundraising campaign, we therefore call on you to donate the amount you have saved to our AMN School in Pakistan. This option is available to you at the checkout after entering the preferred shipping method. Here you can easily enter an absolute or percentage amount to help us in our fight for equal education for all. Thank you for your support!

We would appreciate a donation from you instead of the discount code! Let's stand together and make a difference!

During the Bag Friday Week of last year we managed to give 200 children a year of schooling with your donations. This year we're going further.

We have set ourselves a special goal for our Bag Friday Week: To be able to send 300 children to school for 1 year. Become part of our mission and make dreams come true!

Together we make a difference

The “One Bag. One Child” initiative started 5 years ago in order to give girls in Pakistan an education. Impact is at the core of our brand. Only 45% of the female population can read or write their own name. With a very low literacy rate and highly affected female ratio, we need to change that. Together we want to fight for social justice there and offer girls and young women access to education and the associated better career opportunities. The goal is to provide education to 10,000 children in Pakistan by 2025. We are currently in the process of building a school for 1,000 children. To do this, however, we have to do more than donate our usual 3%.

You choose, but honestly speaking, we would love for you to donate instead of using the discount code.


During our Bag Friday Week, we have already sent 281 girls to school.

Impact Graph B
281 Impact Graph A

Learn more in our video about our motivation to bring about change.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens to my donation?

We will use your donated amount to further finance our initiative "One Bag. One Child". We ensure that children who otherwise have no access to education can go to school.

What is "One Bag. One Child"?

"One Bag. One Child" is an initiative we have launched to provide girls in Pakistan with access to education. According to UNICEF, the number of literate girls and women is only at 45% - lower than in hardly any other country in the world. With this initiative we want to offer these girls the chance of a better future, with the goal of providing 10,000 children with an education by 2025.

If you want to learn more about it, you can find more information about One Bag. One Child here.

Why Pakistan?

We deliberately chose Pakistan because our founders have worked in this country before and learned to love people, culture and nature - and we want to give something back to this diverse country.

How many children can be in one school?

Our AMN School in Karachi has room for 250 children with 15 teachers. Our partner initiatives have schools with up to 1.000 children.

Do you have any other positive influence besides the girls' education initiative?

Yes, we don't just support our AMN School. Our entire range is produced under fair working conditions (100% BSCI) and 100% of the leather used comes from LWG-certified sources. In addition, our company is B Corp certified and thus adheres to the highest social practices and ecological standards. We attach great importance to our corporate practices and certifications.

How many weeks of school will my donation make possible?

That depends on the product. Normally one bag can finance up to 5 school weeks for a child. With some products we can achieve more: Our Weekender Linwood  makes 6 weeks possible!

Are the donations added to the 3% of the usual donation?

Yes! All additional donations are added to our 3%.

Can I use a coupon on an already reduced product?

No, unfortunately it is not possible in our store system.

Do you still donate when I use a discount code?

Yes, but our usual 3% of your purchase.

Further questions?

Use our contact form or take a look at our FAQs. This is the fastest way to get help with further questions or other concerns!