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Give or Save

This year we have something special for you on our legendary BAG FRIDAY.

As a team we decided that unlike the majority of online brands we won’t categorically discount the goods on our website, we allow you to make the change. A change to this tradition and more importantly in someone's life with the greatest gift –education. How it works, will be explained below.

make a difference together

During our BAG FRIDAY you are able to make the choice to either use a discount code and save 13-40% on the goods or commit to something even more positive and donate 13-40% to our girls’ education program.

Our initiative #onebagonechild was founded 4 years ago to give girls in Pakistan access to education. Impact is at the core of our brand, one of the reasons for this being the low literacy rate in Pakistan: only 45% of women and girls can read or write their own name. Our goal is to fight for social change and give young women access to education in order to foster change. Our goal is to send 10.000 girls to school in Pakistan by 2025. Currently we are building a school for 1.000 kids and now want to do more than donating 3% of our revenue.

You choose, but honestly speaking, we would love for you to donate instead of using the discount codes. For this campaign our goal is to fund the education of 200 kids in Pakistan. 

Donate AND save - how does it work?

Decide whether you want to do something good with the product of your choice or save.

We show you thediscounted price on our website. The offer varies between 13% and 40% or you can actually choose to donate that amount to our social cause.

As part of our fundraising campaign, we therefore call on you to donate the amount you to our project. This option is available to you in the checkout after entering the preferred shipping method. Here you can simply enter an absolute or percentage amount to help us with our girls’ education program. Thank you for your support!

Therefore we would be happy about a donation from you instead of the discount code! Let us stand together and make a difference!

Our goal for this campaign is, to provide 1 year of schooling for 200 children.

In order to avail the donation you have to add the product to your cart and cannot add any discount code. To save during this campaign please copy the discount code shown in the product details tab during checkout. The codes and discounts vary per product and only one discount code is allowed per cart.


Learn more in our video about our motivation to bring about change.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens to my donation?

We will use your donated amount to further finance our initiative "One Bag - One Child". At the moment we are building a new school in Karachi, which will have space for 1.000 children. In order to realize this project, additional financial means are needed.

In addition to the usual 3% of every purchase that would otherwise go into the initiative, we have raised 13%. So with every purchase a full 16% will be donated!

What is "One Bag - One Child"?

"One Bag - One Child" is an initiative we have launched to provide girls in Pakistan with access to education. According to UNICEF, the number of literate girls and women is only 45% - lower than in hardly any other country in the world. With this initiative we want to offer these girls the chance of a better future, with the goal of providing 10,000 children with an education by 2025.

If you want to learn more about it, you can find more information about One Bag - One Child here.

Why Pakistan?

We deliberately chose Pakistan because our founders have worked in this country before and learned to love people, culture and nature - and we want to give something back to this diverse country.

How many children can be in one school?

In the Anum School in Karachi, which we support, there is room for 250 children with 15 teachers.

How many weeks of school will my donation make possible?

That depends on the product. Normally a bag can finance up to 5 school weeks for a child. With our Special we can, like the Weekender Linwood, make 62 (!) weeks possible!

Are the donations added to the 3% of the usual donation?

Yes! In addition to our Bag Friday Special, up to 40% of your purchase will be donated to the "One Bag - One Child" initiative.

Can I donate without buying a bag?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We are working on making this feature available for you soon.

Can I use two coupon codes simultaneously?

Unfortunately it is not possible in our store system. For example, if you want to buy one product with a 30% coupon and another one with a 15% coupon code, we invite you to place two orders. The shipping is free of charge here too!

Do you still donate when I use a discount code?

Yes, but only our usual 3% of your purchase.

Further questions?

Just take alook at our FAQs. This is the fastest way to get help with further questions or other concerns!