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We fight for the fundamental right to education.


Education for all.

We are lucky to have received an education: We have learnt how to inform ourselves, to listen, to act transparently and to inspire others. We were taught to appreciate the little steps, to accept criticism and to act responsibly. We know how to observe attentively and what it means to value honesty. Now we are capable of overcoming boundaries, questioning the status quo and to be fierce. But not everyone in this world has the opportunity to learn and to receive an education.

263 million kids worldwide have no access to education. That motivated us to found Buckle & Seam. We want change and ensure that children can go to school.  

While our founders lived and worked in Pakistan they were confronted with the challenge that many people they interacted with did not know how to read nor write.  

Support by purchasing your bag


of revenue is donated to AMN School in Pakistan.


kids don't go to school in Pakistan.


kids were sent to school thanks to you.


kids we want to send to school by 2024.

Our mission is change.

We believe that education is the key to success and equality for personal and professional development - and is therefore at the core of our business. Nowadays, thanks to our community, we are able to build and equip schools and support teacher initiatives in Pakistan.


We invest 3%.

Since 2016, when we founded Buckle & Seam, we have been investing 3% of our revenue in educational initiatives and our own school project, the AMN School in Pakistan. We enable young kids - especially girls - to go to school. According to Unicef only 59% of the population of Pakistan can read and write its own name. More than 30% less than in Germany. 

By now we have already enabled more than 1.000 kids to receive primary school education and therefore get a chance for a self-determined life and income. A little contribution with a life-changing impact! Not only for the kids, but as well for their families. Especially for young women whose role in society has been strongly neglected and now consciously empowered through education and consequently through future opportunities.

our projects

141 kids visit our own school every year.

Since 2016 we have been supporting the AMN School in Pakistan. Today 141 students are visiting the school per year. They learn to read and write and have classes in English, PE, Maths and Science. On top of that they have dedicated classes teaching them Hygiene, Tolerance and Respect. 

Other initiatives we proudly support are The Citizens Foundation, The Digital Career Institute and Deaf Reach. We want to encourage young people who have a more difficult access to education and development to get the same chance as their peers.

You want to do more?

We appreciate your motivation to share our values. By carrying your Buckle & Seam bag and our mission out into the world, you are already doing a lot! You can recommend us to your family and friends in order to expand the community of game-changers who want to spread the word and share the vision with us.

Additionally, you have the option to add a donation online in our shop when checking out. Here you can either choose a percentage share based on your order value or define a specific amount.

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Every bag enables education for a child.