secrets of the Midnight 

blue collection: 

Wondering what inspired the new Midnight Blue Collection or what the challenges were in producing this unique collection? Get inside the head of our product Designer, Chris, the mastermind behind crafting the midnight blue collection.

What brought about the conception of this collection?

Two very important things were the sparks that set the wheels in motion for this collection. To start our customers were asking for something that could be considered more formal than our brown leather. Taking that into consideration we decided that we wanted something different from black, we wanted something unusual, and what we ended up with was just that.

What makes this collection unique?

Like I was saying before, we wanted something universally elegant but with a twist. The coloring of the Midnight Blue Collection has a two-toned effect, which comes from our crazy horse leather. This unique color has the ability to make the bags pretty adaptable to their surroundings. They can be a statement piece in a formal business setting, or casual in a relaxed or sporty setting, which to us is a huge perk. We are trying to design for the contemporary man who needs something they can bring with from work to dinner to the gym to home.

You said the leather is special - can you elaborate on that?

Sure! The two toned effect is a very special category of leather that takes a lot of time and effort to perfect. It is mostly done in browns and greys. The Crazy Horse blue two-tone effect is usually used in heritage collections and can typically be found in high end boutiques. We want to bring it to the streets and make this style more accessible.

 Was the production process difficult then? 

It was a challenge, but a fun one! Finding the right color tones was a bit tricky because essentially you have to merge two tones cohesively into one fabric. We tried a lot of combinations before finding “the one”. The final outcome was well worth the time spent, we are all really pleased with the outcome.  

Do you have a favorite product?

One?! It’s hard to narrow it down to just one.. but I think I would have to say the travel bags. They are looking great in the blue, like they belong on first class travel ;)

Explore the Midnight Blue Collection now. 

midnight blue Collection

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