It kills us to say, but summer is officially winding down. The air is has a the autumn crispness and sunsets are coming sooner. Universities are starting classes again and students will be coming back from the holiday buzz, starting to focus on their future plans. 

University students have a lot on their shoulders, applying for internships and jobs, attending work fairs, interviewing with the hopes of landing their dream job, all while keeping up with their classes. The last couple years of University is a transitioning period, which sometimes can seem overwhelming. We have put together a little guide on how to take away some of the stress, so you can enjoy your studies. 

Start early 

The early bird gets the worm or in your case.. the job! Whether you are looking for an internship or a job, start reaching out to the companies you would like to work for right away. A big misconception is that you can’t start applying until your studies are over or a month before you want to start working.

Reaching out to the company you want to work for early shows motivation and is impressive to employers.The best is to try contacting someone in a department that interests you and request a short call or meeting to know more about the actual reality of this person's position. Be prepared with precise questions! 

Even if they can’t offer you a position right away you can start to establish a network within the company and when a position opens your name will be familiar and slide up to the top of the candidate list.

Stay Organized

When you are juggling job hunting, school work and your social life sometimes things can get a little hectic. Sometimes life happens, people oversleep, forget about a meeting, or get a last minute call for an interview. Staying organized can reduce your stress load tremendously. Having a designated place for your essential items like laptop, external hard drive, business cards, and pens, makes the unexpected moments when all you have time for is to grab your things and go, a breeze.

Be Prepared

Along with keeping your essentials ready to go, being prepared with professional attire along with your CV is key. When you land on an interview the last thing you want to be doing is running around the city trying to find something professional to wear, and finding a nice business bag. This should all be done in advance so that when you find out about an interview, networking event, or job fair you can relax and prep yourself without stress. 

Not so long ago all of us working at Buckle & Seam were in your shoes. It’s a challenging time because it is a time of change. One chapter is coming to an end and another is starting. We would love to help you in your journey which is why we offer a student special for 15% off our products. In the end remember to work hard now because you are setting the foundations for your next steps, but also never forget to have fun!



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