Design To Last, A Production Journey

From the working condition of our craftsmen and their training, to the quality of the material used, we thrive to set responsible and transparent standards. This mission is part of our journey as a brand.

Design With A Purpose

Practicality and clean lines is our formula for creating timeless classics meant to last and accompany its owner for years, regardless of trends. Each product is designed with a purpose in mind to fit into a man’s daily life, be it going on a weekend holiday, to the gym, commuting to work, or organising his everyday essentials.

A Tribute To The Raw Material

When designing a bag, we always keep the raw material is at the forefront. The full grain cow leather and its “crazy horse” finish is Buckle & Seam’s signature. It is hand selected and kept in its most natural form throughout the tanning process. This technique preserves the raw look of the leather which ages naturally by developing a beautiful patina overtime. With an average thickness of 1.6 to 2 mm, the bags are more robust and ready to last for years.

Setting Standards, A Journey To Constant Betterment

We have developed partnerships with suppliers we trust. We are in constant communication with with them and visit the facilities every 2-3 months for several weeks, not only developing new products and making sure quality is met, but also spending time with the teams, sharing meals and learning to know each other. The workers all receive guaranteed working contracts with social protection, a salary more than double the minimum wage and at least 35% higher than the average industry income in the region. They also receive a monthly bonus based on overall quality. The working conditions in the ateliers are up to international security standards with windows, AC and access to fresh water at all time.

We are still a small company, meaning that this quest is a journey; a journey we take very seriously. We are already happy with our progress and achievements.

Transparency is important to us. We investigate to make sure we know exactly who produces what and how they produce it. We are still a small company, meaning that this quest is a journey; a journey we take very seriously. We are already happy with our progress and achievements with our workers, proud to be using 100% recycled polyester threads, to work with a tannery that has its own water treatment plant, to be going into organic or recycled material for our linings and futur collections, having restructured production planning from pen and paper to digital stock keeping and management. These efforts have already attracted attention from other factory owners who are changing their processes.

Why Pakistan?

Before the Buckle & Seam adventure started, we (the founders) spent a year in Pakistan, working for an e-commerce company recently sold to Alibaba. We discovered the quality of the raw material (especially from the North of Pakistan) and developed relationships with talented craftsmen in Karachi. We saw the opportunity to not only use, but also promote these know-hows.

Pakistan deserves to be acknowledged for its talents.  

Most of the leather goods sold in the Western world are produced in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India). Few brands actually communicate this fact with their customers. Considering our standards, the quality of the material and our high skilled workers, we are proud to communicate openly about our Pakistani production. Pakistan deserves to be acknowledged for its talents.