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Five tips that will make your next long haul flight a breeze. 

Dreading your upcoming long haul flight? We know that being inside a tin tube for 14 hours isn’t always enjoyable, but when you love to travel it’s unavoidable! We’ve compiled the five best tips of long haul flying to make your next long flight a breeze. 

Hack #1: Hydrate

Planes have a humidity level around 10%, while our bodies are used to a level around 65%. Which explains why you’re always hearing “Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!” before you are fly. Even though you are sitting, and seemingly inactive for most of the flight, it is quite tough on your body to be in such a reduced humidity level for a long period of time. 

When it comes to a long haul, think of it as the same as being in the desert during the summer without water. If you don’t drink enough water, your body will become dehydrated, and you can get stomach cramps, it can increase your jet lag making you sleeper, and you can get severe headaches– doesn't that sound like a fun way to start your holiday? Not!

To prepare, make sure you are well hydrated before the flight, start the night before, by increasing your water intake (bonus points if you have electrolyte infused water). We know that airport water bottles are overpriced, and you’ll need about 90 of the small cups of water they serve on the plane to stay hydrated, so this brings us to our first flight hack: bring your own water bottle! Now I know what you’re thinking, “You can’t bring water through security” which is true, but you can bring an empty bottle, then just fill it up at the water fountain past security.

Planes have a humidity level around 10%, while our bodies are used a level around 65%, Which is why you’re always hearing “Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!” when you are flying. 

Hack #2: sNacks

We all know that unless you are flying first class, airplane food is not exactly a gourmet meal. It’s important to pack a small array of snacks to keep your stomach happy throughout the flight. When it comes to choosing a snack try to stay salt free, or close to it. Salt-free snacks are preferred because they won't add any additional bloating onto the normal inflight bloat (I'm talking to you swollen feet).  Our favorite is dried fruit with unsalted nuts!

HACK #3 The survival kit

The holy trinity of surviving a flight: Ear plugs, neck pillow, & eye shades. Let’s face it sleeping on a flight is the best way to make the flight fly by (no pun intended), but falling asleep and staying asleep can be a huge feat. Trying to prop your head up on the arm rest normally ends with your arm falling asleep, or waking up abruptly from your elbow slipping off the armrest. It's even worse when you finally fall asleep and the caption comes on the intercom to give an update, waking you just to let you know you're only half way there. These are unavoidable annoyances of flying, however if you are prepared these situations will not faze you and you’ll continue to get some much needed Z’s. Do yourself a favor and pack these three things, you’ll be thanking yourself by the end of the flight.

HAck #4: Entertainment 

This one is crucial, entertainment! The best way to enjoy a long flight is to feel like you are transported out of the plane and into another world. What can do that better than a good movie, or a great book? In the week before your flight, put off watching any movies that might interest you and instead download them to your computer, or tablet for the flight. Having a bank of movies that you’ve been eager to watch will make the flight fly by. The same goes for good books, don’t spend your nights before the flight diving into a book that has caught your attention, be patient allow yourself to create some anticipation to crack that puppy open on the flight and you'll be surprised by how fast the time goes.

HAck #5: pack smart

As for your carry on, pack smart. So far we have suggested you bring: a water bottle, snacks, entertainment, and your survival kit. The final things to add is to pack a change of clothes, for the emergency situations when your luggage gets lost! The last thing you want is to get to your destination and be stuck wearing what you wore on the plane for hours on end. .

Even though our Linwood Weekender Bag fits under the seat we suggest putting it in the overhead compartments in order to make the most of your legroom. Keeping only your laptop sleeve, water and survival kit with you, you’ll be able to stretch your legs out under your seat. On a long haul flight, that makes all the difference

Now that you know our tips for surviving your long haul flights, we hope your next flight feels like a breeze! Do you have any other tips for long haul flights or any trips planned? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.