Messenger Bag – Sierra

In this episode, you are invited to a little treasure harbor with our Messenger Bag Sierra . Being able to work from remote places is an opportunity that we can embrace while enjoying the beauty of our surrounding. Be inspired. Be free.

Duffel Bag – Willow

You are invited for a walk in the vineyards with our beautiful and raw looking Duffel bag Willow. A spring dream highlighted by sun and love.

Messenger Bag – Cara

In this episode, you will discover our satchel Cara at sunrise. Spontaneously jumping into the ocean before getting on with the day is an idea of freedom that seduced us. It’s all about designing your daily life as you want it. Something we should all pursue.

Messenger Bag – Sierra

In this video you will discover our Messenger bag Sierra through a nice hang out in a peaceful coffee of the Prenzlauerberg neighborhood in Berlin.

Buckle & Seam – Brand

In this sequence-shot, discover our designs in action. We paired them up with 5 modern men, each with their own style. Through the music and atmosphere we open the doors to the Buckle & Seam universe: a touch of humour, feel-good attitude and classic elegance.

Weekender Bag – Linwood

Your journey begins here with our Weekender Linwood. Where are you going next? What is your dream destination? What is the next adventure waiting for you? The answer is yet to come.

 Videos and original musics by Jack Bartman