Was heißt eigentlich Smart Casual?

What does smart casual actually mean?


If you translate the whole thing into German, the result is “elegant, relaxed”. This description is pretty accurate. But what does smart casual mean for men?


You are new to the company, your boss is celebrating his birthday at the weekend, you are invited and the accompanying text says that the dress code for today's event is smart casual. So you're really nervous because you really want to make a good impression and now there's a dress code? Don't panic, everything is fine. There are a few simple rules for the men's world. Sneakers and jeans are a clear don't. Stylish chinos and elegant black or brown leather shoes are an absolute go-to. You just go upstairs like you would to the office. But today your shirt doesn't need a tie and you can show a little more color as long as you feel comfortable with it. A jacket is always well received, but on hot days it is simply unbearable, in which case it can be left out. Nobody wants to arrive somewhere completely sweaty, and it doesn't make a good impression either. You should use accessories sparingly; a chic leather bracelet , a belt , sunglasses , or your new watch are completely fine. Nevertheless: Less is more here. If you want to put it another way, you could also describe smart casual as upscale leisure clothing, which is pretty accurate.



In start-ups and agencies, for example, smart casual replaces the actual business look consisting of a suit, shirt and tie. Thus, these companies also reflect their general attitude. It is of course important to make an effort at work and to do your work dutifully, but above all, colleagues rely on a relaxed atmosphere. The smart casual office look is best complemented by a shoulder bag or a laptop sleeve . For example, we recommend the Cali laptop bag , which looks simple but elegant, or the Terra laptop sleeve , which radiates energetic competence.

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It's the end of the year, the company has posted surprisingly good numbers this year and everyone is in the last bit of stress before the holidays finally come. What shouldn't be missing? The Christmas party. There is champagne, wine and beer, good food and everyone is there. Like every year, the staff is happily making junk, hopefully you won't get a singing tie again this year. Today you don't need anything except your keys and your credit cards, our Flint card case is perfect for this. Slim, safe, practical. Not only does your credit card find its place here, you can also easily store the 20 euros in cash for the taxi ride home. Who wants to walk around with extra baggage on an evening like this?

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In order not to add a new suit, including underwear and everything else that is important, to your expense account during your business trip, it is helpful to prepare well for your business trips. Well prepared means well packed. There are two variants here:

The first is the one where you know that you will have enough time at the hotel to iron the suit you want to wear to the next meeting. Maybe you even want to stay in the city for a few more days because the weekend is coming up and you feel like sightseeing again. In this case, our Linwood weekender is an absolute must-have. Here you can comfortably accommodate everything you need for the next two to three nights.

The second case means that you don't have time in the hotel to prepare for the meeting. It's best to change your clothes on the plane or train, of course shortly before you arrive. Otherwise you'll just end up with wrinkles in your business outfit. Our Sullivan suit bag is perfect for this case. It ensures that your suit remains wrinkle-free during the journey. A true lifesaver in an elegant design.

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In order to guarantee yourself a proper appearance here, you should not come empty-handed. You will need business cards, your laptop, maybe even a notepad. Business Briefcase Everett is easy to handle and enhances your casual business outfit even more. Everett shows you are organized and tidy. You are ready for your next business. If you don't feel like having to carry your belongings in your hand all day, our Cara shoulder bag is also a good choice . It guarantees you a sporty business look that will definitely make you stand out.

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The smart casual look is good for all men. At birthdays and family celebrations, it shows that you have your life under control and have finally grown up. Even if there is rarely a dress code here, it is never advisable to let yourself and your appearance slide. This elegant casual clothing also impresses on the first date. Who wants to meet someone who shows up at the event in a hoodie and sweatpants? Next, please.

In conclusion, it can be summarized that the office dress code is probably more suitable for everyday use than previously assumed. And what's more, you can find the right bag or accessories for each of your modern business outfits with us .

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