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About US

Our story goes further than crafting beautiful bags, we look to turn the spotlight from our story to yours. We believe that each person has something unique to offer, we can learn a lot from others. This is why we are working towards creating a community of individuals pursuing, achieving & their sharing success stories.

Our mission is to develop the most desirable product while having a direct positive social influence in the communities we work and collaborate with. We strive to provide education for underserved and illiterate communities, especially girls, in Pakistan. We pursue this goal while using our company responsibly to question the status quo and inspire others.

It starts with our team and its convictions that growth is not only possible but facilitated by a unquenchable desire for diversity, personality, sustainability, creativity, accord, and respect. It impacts the design and development of our products; the production under fair labor standards and, when possible, in our own production unit; the decision to donate 3% of our net revenue to girls education in Pakistan; influences our marketing, distribution as well as pricing decisions and changes our points of contact with society and the environment.


Our goal is to create products that inspire you to write your own success story. We want to be the spark that pushes you to take action towards your goals and ambitions, to break through boundaries and to share your experiences with others. Our belief is that each story, with all the highs and lows, provides significant value to the community as a whole. We all have the power and freedom to take action, let’s do it together.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking to break out of your comfort zone,  Buckle & Seam offers premium quality leather goods, along with valuable content, and a community that keeps you pushing towards your definition of success.

You would never compromise when it comes to your goals, which is why we never compromise on quality. We mindfully sources the highest quality materials from around the world and offer it at a fair price.


Naturally, we do things a little different here. Our co-founders met while living and working in Pakistan, where they experienced the deeply rooted tradition first hand and developed a passion for working with leather.

In order to not only obtain superior quality from start to finish, but also provide a safe environment for our team in Pakistan, we decided to set up our own factory. This also allows us to eliminate the middle man, which is why we can provide top premium quality products for a fraction of the price as well as donating part of our revenue to our One Bag One Child program.