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Bag Friday

Bag Friday

Do something good this week: With our Donate or Save initiative, you have the opportunity to donate ... More
Do something good this week: With o... More

Do something good this week: With our Donate or Save initiative, you have the opportunity to donate the amount saved to our AMN School at the checkout. Each bag enables a child to go to school in Pakistan. Go even further and make dreams come true with your donation. You can find more information about our campaign here.

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Bag Friday Week


During our Bag Friday Week you will encounter a number of cool products and really great discounts up to 60% on this site - You better be quick!

But we want to offer you more than simple discounts. If you wish to do something good with the savings you made on the purchase, we give you the chance to donate the saved amount directly to our school project in Pakistan. By doing this you enable a child to go to school for several weeks. Learn more about how this works here.

As we are investing 3% of our sales in educational initiatives and our own school project, the AMN School since our foundation, we want to make it a little more exciting this week. For our Bag Friday Week we have set ourselves a special goal: Send 300 children to school. Become part of our mission and make dreams come true!

What happens to my donation?

We will use your donated amount to further finance our initiative "One Bag. One Child". We ensure that children who otherwise have no access to education can go to school.

What is "One Bag. One Child"?

"One Bag. One Child" is an initiative we have launched to provide girls in Pakistan with access to education. According to UNICEF, the number of literate girls and women is only at 45% - lower than in hardly any other country in the world. With this initiative we want to offer these girls the chance of a better future, with the goal of providing 10,000 children with an education by 2025.

If you want to learn more about it, you can find more information about One Bag. One Child here.

Can I donate without buying a bag?

Yes, finally. We would be very happy if you want to support our AMN School without buying a bag. You can make your donation here.

Can I use a coupon on an already reduced product?

No, unfortunately it is not possible in our store system.

Further questions?

Use our contact form or take a look at our FAQs. This is the fastest way to get help with further questions or other concerns!