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Leather Care
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit

Leather Care Kit

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During everyday use, it is normal for superficial scratches to appear in the leather and give your bag a unique look. These marks can usually be removed by hand or with a fine cloth. If there are deeper scratches in the leather, it is recommended to apply a colourless wax on this surface. Note that this area will be slightly darker at first.

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When to use leather care?

Removing scratches:

Scratches on the surface of the leather of our products may happen, as they are natural evidence of our unique finish. Generally, they can be removed by rubbing over it with your finger or a clean & smooth cloth. If you have a deeper scratch we recommend you to apply color neutral leather wax to the area. Note that the area may become a shade darker for some time.

Bag feels dry:

There is a chance that your bag may develop a rougher feel and look. Most of our customers like exactly that appearance, but if you want to give your bag a cleaner feel you can nourish the leather with color neutral wax, cream or conditioner to keep it smooth.

Buckle & Seam leather care:

Our leather care wax is made out Carnuba & bees wax.


How to apply leather care?

1. Be sure your leather is clean and free of dust and dirt before you begin.

2. Place the wax on a clean, lint-free cloth (not directly onto the leather).

3. Spot test the wax in an inconspicuous place on your leather and allow it to sit for an hour to be sure you’re happy with the effect it produces.

4. Using a circular motion, rub the wax over entire panels or sections of the leather at a time.

5. After applying, gently buff the leather surface with a soft, dry cloth.

6. Allow the leather to air dry before use.

7. The frequency of waxing depends on the way the bag is treated and your own preference for the bag's look. Nevertheless, if you are using your bag on a daily bases waxing it every 4-6 weeks should be more than enough.

Note: really deep scratches may not be able to be removed with wax. But after all, scratches tell the story of your leather bag so don't worry too much about it :).


Leaving a positive mark wherever we go and spreading positive vibes of change are the reason why we started Buckle & Seam.

We developed a partnership with Anum School, a school that supports girls' education in an under-privileged neighbourhood of Karachi, Pakistan.

We are donating 3% of our revenue per bag sold to make it grow and empower young children in the community through education.
Read more on the impact page here.


All packages are sent climate neutrally via DHL GoGreen.

All orders placed will be handed over to DHL within the next business day. Orders with engraving will be handed over to DHL within 3 days after the order confirmation.

For country-specific delivery times of our courier see: shipping Info.

We encourage you to try our products, feel the leather, carry it around, and see how you feel! If you are not 100% satisfied, we will be glad to assist you with an exchange or return.

Keep in mind that personalized bags are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned. Read more on our return policy.


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It's not just about looking good while achieving your goals. Doing good along the way is what we stand for. With every purchase 3% of the total revenue is donated to Anum School in Pakistan through our One Bag One Child Program. 

Curious about our program? Learn more here.


Issac Newton once said "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." #YOURBAGYOURSTORY is our way of building a community of "giants" to provide inspiration so that you too can see further and accomplish everything you've set out for. 

This is Max, a national champion and olymipan rower. Checkout his incredible story.


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You can also call us under:

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