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70502 Allrounder Franz

70502 Allrounder Franz

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Product description

But what is the story behind this product?
DOA COLLECTION - High quality products with more than one good purpose.

"The name DOA is clearly connected to the people who taught me the values of responsibility, commitment, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take" in life. My mother Dorothea, my grandpa Oskar and my grandma Annelotte." - Tim Beier, CEO Bearpaw Products & Founder DOA Foundation. Starting in 2019 with small steps, the DOA Foundation will take a big step in 2020 - together with Buckle & Seam. Of the total revenue generated by the DOA Collection, 3% will go directly to the DOA Foundation's donation account. The DOA Foundation will use these donations for various activities, thus trying to make the world a better place for children/young people and students. But this is not the only part that creates something good. Through the partnership between BEARPAW and Buckle and Seam alone, 3% of the revenue generated by Buckle and Seam has also already gone to the girls' school in Karachi.

helden_vorbilderMu5Hk5ndvb65HWhy does the product have exactly this name?
We got to know Franz in 2019 when we were allowed to accompany him on a pump track biathlon with archery. Since then, Franz has remained in our minds in particular.

Franz works full-time in the Jam project (youth work model) in a community and also coordinates the PiA project (peers inform about alcohol). In addition he does a lot of work independently with the project "Intergrafit". This is an inclusion project, where people with physical and mental disabilities train in a gym.
What was Franz's intention with the Pumptrack Biathlon? Franz's intention was to bring together two really cool sports that inspire young people and to start an event that is a bit different from a classic biathlon. What is the motivation for Franz in his daily work? "It's mainly about doing something meaningful and which brings added value to society. I can say that today I have achieved something that makes sense. I have done something good for other people, and I think it is worthwhile for the work to put more than the necessary energy into it. The work of Franz in the youth area is therefore so important, because young people need a contact person, a role model and infrastructure measures very much. Young people have so much to cope with, so many changes, etc. and this is where a supportive person can help.

Since we believe that Franz is an incredibly important part of society and also contributes to making the world a better place, we proudly dedicate the bag "Allrounder Franz" to him.


Extremely cool - The all-rounder Franz
In the front pocket on the outside of the bag you can easily and practically store things you want to have at hand. The design of the bag deliberately left out the shoulder strap, because Franz is based on a duffel bag, whose minimalist design should be kept. Do you know that the backpack is too small and a sports bag too big? This bag is the perfect size to store your everyday paraphernalia. Due to the low weight of the bag and the malleability of the material, Franz can be easily filled up to the top and still be carried comfortably over the shoulder. Because the bag complies with the baggage regulations of conventional airlines, it is also great to take with you on your next vacation. Inside the bag there are additional small pockets on the side walls. Full Grain leather is the highest quality form of leather and makes the products made from it very resistant. By using the bag you will get an individual and beautiful vintage look after a while.

  • dimension: 40 x 23 x 23 cm
  • weight: 1,5 kg
  • volume: 16,5 l


  • Manufacturing: Handcrafted in our own fair production facility
  • Material: Naturally tanned premium cowhide leather, LWG* certified
  • Interior Lining: 100% cotton (cleanable)
  • Zipper: Original premium YKK zipper from Japan

*LWG is an international non-profit organization responsible for the world's largest leather
sustainability program.


Your new leather bag initially does not require special care. The natural oils and waxes incorporated into our leather after the tanning process provide sufficient protection and keep the leather supple. To ensure you enjoy your Buckle & Seam product for as long as possible, we recommend treating the leather with our leather care once a year. If you notice rough and dry areas on the leather, then leather care is urgently needed.

Shipping & Returns

All orders without individual engraving are usually processed by Hermes or GLS on the following working day.

Once the delivery is packed, you will receive a tracking number by email, allowing you to track your delivery.

Orders with individual engraving are handed over to Hermes or GLS approximately 7 working days after the order is placed.

Deliveries to a Packstation are not possible. Try our product, feel the leather, and see how it performs in everyday life. If you are not 100% satisfied, we are happy to help you exchange
or refund the product.

For more information, visit: Shipping & Returns.

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  • The purchase of this bag provides 2 weeks of schooling for a girl in Pakistan!


Premium Cowhide Leather

Every product from the Buckle & Seam brand is unique. Our men's collections are handcrafted from leather in its highest quality form. This form is referred to as 'Full Grain,' which means the leather is processed in its full thickness. This creates an exceptionally durable end product that you can carry by your side for years. The way our models are crafted also ensures that each of them develops its own patina over the years. Just like you, your bag only becomes more beautiful with age.

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Buckle & Seam stands for a transparent corporate policy. It is important for us not to be part of companies that produce their goods cheaply in distant countries without considering the peopleor the environment. Therefore, we regularly review the working conditions under which our producers work at the production site in Pakistan and pay them almost three times what they would normally earn in their region. We aim for equal opportunities.



Achieve your goals and atthe same time, enable a better future in less privileged regions of the world.As part of our 'One Bag. One Child.' initiative, we donate 3% of our revenue toschools in Pakistan.




After completing your order, your bag will be carefully packed and sent on its way in a few days. It won't be long until you can hold your own Buckle & Seam bag in your hands for the first time.

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Isaac Newton once said, 'If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.' With the #YOURBAGYOURSTORY campaign, we are building an inspiring community that brings you closer to your greatest goals.


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Leather Products

How can I maintain the leather?

Your new leather bag doesn't initially need any special care. The natural oils and waxes incorporated into our leather after the tanning process provide enough protection and make the leather supple. To ensure you enjoy your Buckle & Seam product for as long as possible, we recommend treating the leather with our leather care once a year. If you see rough and dry spots on the leather, then leather care is urgently needed.

Why is the leather so special?

Our bags are made from premium cowhide leather. It is carefully selected and processed by skilled craftsmen. We chose cowhide leather because it meets our high standards for quality, durability, and naturalness. It is strong and supple at the same time, making it an excellent raw material for manufacturing our high-quality products. We use the leather in its most natural form - Full-Grain. This means that the leather is processed with all its layers in its full strength, which averages 1.7 mm and is thicker than the material of most leather bags. It is characterized by great resistance and naturalness. The hides come from animals in Northern Pakistan.

Can I remove scratches from my bag?

You will quickly notice that removing minor scratches is possible by rubbing them with your finger or a cloth. If you discover deeper scratches, we recommend applying our Colorless Beeswax with a soft cloth on the bag. This will make the scratch disappear, and your bag will be protected for future adventures.

The leather of my bag is lighter than shown on the website.

As leather is a natural product, each piece of leather is unique and may have natural variations in color. Additionally, leather can change its appearance over time due to external factors. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, for example, may cause the leather to dry out and lighten. In such cases, we recommend using our leather care products, which can help restore the color and suppleness of the leather.

Why is the color of my bag changing?

Leather develops a unique patina with frequent use, causing the leather to darken. However, over time, your bag may show signs of drying out, characterized by rougher and lighter leather. In such cases, we recommend using our leather care product to restore your bag to its
former glor